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Sound specialties include:


Acoustic Control • Mixing Consoles/Digital Snake Systems • PA • Amplification • Personal Monitor Systems • Stage Packages • Audio Distribution • Multi-Channel Recording

The clarity of your message starts with proper audio and sound reinforcement. We do not sell “cookie-cutter “A/V/L systems; our solutions are customized to meet the needs of each unique situation.


Working with direct dealers for more than 300 product lines, we are able to accommodate nearly every technology request you may have. Moreover, as good stewards of your resources, we are dedicated to finding solutions that are both high quality and affordable. Custom doesn’t have to cost a fortune.




VIDEO specialties include:

LED Video Wall • Score Boards • Cameras • Switching • Projection • Recording • Media Servers

Redwire offers Projection Mapping and Multiscreen video to help elevate and enhance any experience. With our new affordable LED Video wall systems, we can help magnify your presentations to a whole new level. Redwire, has seen a new wave of clients looking to upgrade their camera systems.

Whether for live streaming, recording, video distribution, or just overhead projection, we have the solution you’re looking for. It is also great to see ministries utilizing new technologies to reach more people and having a good camera system will open up several different avenues to do just that.


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LIGHTING specialties include:

Conventional Theatrical Fixtures • LED Conventional Theatrical Fixtures • LED Moving Head Fixtures • Lighting Consoles• Architectural Control systems• LED Strip/Tape Lighting

Lighting in professional venues is used for a variety of purposes, from creating special effects and strobe lighting during a show to illuminating architectural features, equipment, and performers. The lighting techniques and products utilized in professional lighting environments vary by site and should be chosen to complement the specific venue’s purpose and structure. Redwire develop your performance spaces to have a focused architectural lighting scheme that has been designed to support your performers that may include ellipsoidal spotlights, intelligent stage lighting, par can lights, and more.

Manipulation of color delivers impact and can drive emotion into your event. Redwire will implement control software that will help create an artistic feel, while illuminating your stage. With our extensive lighting gear options, we can help your team light any venue from a House of Worship, to a theatrical stage, special events in a multipurpose room or even a gymnasium.

Scenic Design



Drapes/Drape Design • Black Curtains (Black Masking) • Pipe and Base • Custom Design/Mixed Media • Media Servers

Church and theatrical stage designs are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of creative sermons and multi-sensory experiences.

Drape Design

Redwire can help with the design of “Grand Drape” for a proscenium, an Austrian Curtain for a special event, an acoustical banner in a concert hall or plain black stage masking? We will guide you through the steps of design and application of your drape, as well as advising on the choice of fabric for your curtain specifications.

Black Curtains (Black Masking)

Black curtains (black drapery, black masking or blacks), are a staple of the theatre. When used for blackout curtains, legs, borders, tabs, black box theatres, or arena reduction curtains, the intent is to absorb light and hide objects. Black curtains provide designers an environment within which there are no distracting elements, other than the show itself.

Pipe & Base

Pipe & Base is the most versatile system for hanging portable drapes. It’s used extensively for corporate events, private events, trade show booths, and more. Precision tooled, adjustable and easy to set up.

Church stage designs

Church stage designs are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of creative sermons and multi-sensory worship experiences. Both science and common sense tell us that the environment often has a remarkable influence over how people feel, behave, and learn. While nothing replaces the power of preaching the gospel and God’s Word, a creative church set design can accomplish two things if done well:

  • Make a sermon more impactful.

  • Create an atmosphere that is more worshipful, reflective, and in awe of God.

Some call it this generation’s stained glass, but it is easier said than done. Because the technology and concepts behind church stage designs are so new, most churches are still learning how to do it well and we can help.