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What is SHIELD?

SHIELD is an exclusive way to pay for audiovisual equipment as a service. It is an agreement with added-value
that bundles your equipment and support services into a low
subscription-based monthly payment. Shield provides you
organization with more freedom, control, and flexibility than
any other payment option available; including cash purchases
and traditional leasing. Shield, keeps you at the forefront of
technology so you can stay competitive, never having to worry
about obsolete technology holding you back.

Benefits of SHIELD

Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG):

Exclusive to SHIELD, the SRG protects your technology from
becoming inefficient or obsolete. SHIELD guarantees if your
current solution no longer meets your needs or becomes
obsolete for any reason, you can install a new system at
any time during your term without financial penalty, hidden
costs, or rollover balances. Your existing agreement will be
completely forgiven.

Act of God Coverage:

Life happens; fire, lightning, tornadoes, etc. In the event of a
natural disaster, SHIELD protects you by covering your out of
pocket insurance deductible on the damaged equipment.

Bundled Maintenance & Support:

Protection without financial burdens. Lock the cost of your
vendor’s support agreement at today’s labor rates for the
duration of your term. Shield makes adding multiyear support
seamless by bundling it into your monthly payment.

Financial Benefits:

Shield is an as-a-service subscription payment program for
organizations that do not want to own their technology
solutions. Shield allows you to preserve cash flow so you can
use your capital for revenue generating business activities. And,
when considering the time value of money, Shield is often the
lowest cost method of procurement

Flexible End of Term Options:

Shield offers multiple end of term options. Renew the
agreement with or without the SRG intact, return the
equipment, or select a new system. Choose what you need,
when you need it. Unlike other payment options, Shield gives
you the flexibility to choose at the end of term.

TAMCO’s SHIELD, AV as a service payment program addresses 3 key components that customer’s desire from today’s as-a-service offerings:

Create Favorable Economics

TAMCO’s expertise and understanding of the components that make up a total audiovisual solution provides an avenue where system integrators can package and offer you a relevant and real AV as a service. With Shield you have a way to absorb the myriad of non-recoverable costs associated with acquiring new technology while maintaining the ability to keep your working capital, working!

With SHIELD you are packaging everything into one all-inclusive monthly subscription payment for 36 or 60-month. This includes the hardware equipment and support services to insure your solution is serving you optimally.

Lastly, SHIELD helps you address budget pressures which has come to the forefront with COVID-19 and continued economic uncertainty.

Embrace Technology Change

When considering the amount of money manufacturers are pouring int R&D how are you as the consumer supposed to manage the rapid advancement of technology and risk of obsolescence? A component of SHIELD is the solution replacement guarantee. This allows you the custom to migrate into new technology at any time during the subscription service term, without financial penalty.

Operate with peace of mind

With essential use equipment like AV, customers need ongoing service and support. WIth TAMCO you can include your system integrators service agreements as part of the monthly subscription. These Services are inclusive of most all failure situations that remove any additional service expense throughout the subscription term. The one are that is most challenging for integrators to cover under Service Level Agreement is Act of God coverage. TAMCO has addressed this and protects customers from the unforeseen expense should an Act of God situation occur.

Is Shield The Right Choice for You?

Shield gives you peace of mind to grow and evolve your
AV solutions as your needs grow and evolve. This flexibility
is ideal to remaining competitive. Owning technology
prevents you from being agile in the market because
it lacks that flexibility and can bottleneck your growth.
The way we buy technology has changed. If you are
less concerned with ownership and need to focus on
outcomes, access, and usage of the technology, Shield, AV
equipment as a service, may be for you