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Booyas started as a burrito restaurant, and has grown to include a dozen more delicious menu items.

Booyas started as a burrito restaurant, and has grown to include a dozen more delicious menu items.


Redwire AV’s relationship with Booya’s began three years ago, and continues today as we are in the middle of updating their sound and video systems. We are thrilled to share their story with you!


The first thing I noticed walking into Booya’s was the Air Force flags hanging from the ceiling.  This is because Booya’s owner, Jay Kupiszewski, is a retired Major with 20 years in the Air Force. The next thing I noticed was the variety in the menu: they offer burgers, tacos, salads, and nachos.

Jay got the idea for Booya’s while living in Florida and helping run a restaurant with his friend.  They first opened in 2008 in Cordova, and then moved to Collierville in 2010.  His wife, Kim, runs the front of house, and daughter-in-law Jessica works there as well.
Jay is proud of the fact that they were the first to open a sports bar in Collierville.  However, it is very important to him and his wife, Kim, that families feel welcome there, so that area is sectioned off.   The atmosphere is casual, and many of the staff are local students. 


Booya’s is most known for their burgers and tilapia tacos.  The first time I visited Booya’s I ordered a cheeseburger with fries.  The basket came with a massive burger and they didn’t skimp on the fries one bit.  It was delicious. 

18Jul08-8205-web burger.jpg

 On the second visit, I ordered custom steak taco and added their homemade Mexican Ranch sauce, homemade salsa, and queso on top.  The tortilla was soft and warm and PACKED full; it barely contained the taco’s contents-  which I didn’t mind one bit, as I used the homemade chips to finish off the rest.


I also enjoyed sampling their salsa bar, which contained Original, Fire Roasted, Pineapple, Habanero, and Mexicana. Sadly, I didn’t save any room for desserts. They get their cakes and Ooie Gooie cookies from the local Frost Bakery. They also offer cookies made on site: chocolate chips, snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, and white chocolate macadamia nut.

It was evident from talking to Jay that he cares for his employees a lot.  When I asked him about a Corn Hole Tournament on their Facebook page, he told me about Jacob Counce, who worked at Booya’s in his early twenties and was like family to them.  Jacob passed away in a motorcycle accident when he was 25, leaving behind a 6-month-old daughter.  He wasn’t an employee of Booya’s at the time of the accident, but Jay decided to host a Corn Hole Tournament every year to remember Jacob and raise money for his daughter’s college fund.  The second annual Corn Hole Tournament is scheduled for November 9th. 

Next time you are in the Collierville area, and you find yourself wanting to try something new, I highly recommend giving Booya’s a try! You can also find them on facebook at: @Booyasburgerandburritos