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The Solution

Willowbrook’s main campus in Huntsville needed a multi phased approach to updating their worship center and adding a remodeled Video Venue.  The video system was not bright enough and they wanted to replace their aging somewhat non-functional lighting systems. They asked for the most state of the art equipment and a design that could fit within a realistic budget, and their somewhat traditional venue. They also wanted to make sure that these updates would be expandable for several years and would provide the broadcast quality lighting they needed for their online streaming.

The Equipment

Lighting: Upgraded Computer based lighting console Jands Vista, three 20’ black truss-based lighting battens for spot/front, back and overhead lighting, 2 LED RGB color mixing Ellipsoidal fixtures, 11 LED Warm White 8” remote Zoom Fresnel fixtures, 8 LED High-power moving head spot fixtures, 4 LED RGB color mixing Zoom Moving head Par64 fixtures 

Video: One 18ft, 4mm resolution, 16:9 format, LED video wall, two 18ft, 4mm resolution, 16:9 format, LED video walls, One 30ft, 3mm resolution, LED video wall backdrop

Sound: JBL VRX sound system

The Project

Phase 1: Redwire replaced the two side projection screens with two 12ft, 16:9 format, recessed LED video walls in the existing space. This will provide better visibility and more brightness on the video image. Redwire moved and reran all cabling/equipment from the venues audio/video control systems on the 2nd floor to a new first floor production booth designed by Redwire.

Phase 2: Redwire provided and installed a 18ft, 16:9 format, LED video wall in the clients newly renovated video venue space and a new 3.9mm resolution, 8ft high by 30ft wide, LED video wall to be used in the main worship space as a backdrop and converted all video systems to HD quality. Redwire also installed a specially designed JBL (VRX) sound system, as well as updated lighting systems for this space. 

Phase 3: Redwire provided a highly flexible, powerful, yet easy to use lighting solution to help Willowbrook have a greater impact on their growing community and replace aging lighting fixtures with all LED luminaries. New lighting system accomplishes even coverage, consistent lighting quality and broadcast quality lighting coverage.